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The success of Lavunett depends on respect for the shared rules, practices and principles that guide the day-to-day conduct of our business activities everywhere in the world in terms of ethics, social responsibility and respect for the environment. 

Lavunett has articulated and encouraged respect for these shared rules, practices and principles. Since its founding, Lavunett has ensured that these practices reflect the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and respect for stakeholders:

  • employees enjoy a work environment in which they can express their talent and apply their skills and expertise; 

  • our company define and adapt its production processes, habits and behaviors to pursue continuous improvement in addressing the environmental issues we face; 

  • we contribute to the development of the regions and communities where we do business; 

  • we provide resources and competencies to support public interest initiatives and corporate philanthropy, and promote access to the arts and culture for a broad public.

We make these commitments to ourselves, our clients and our stakeholders. 


Signed and approved at Paris on 26th of March 2020 

Erdem Kemal Bulut, Founder and CEO


Active solidarity and corporate philanthropy

Lavunett is committed to exemplary corporate social responsibility. This commitment is anchored in the fundamental principle of respect for people and individuals, and in making excellence a lever for social and professional inclusion, in solidarity with our host communities. Lavunett carries out numerous initiatives to support culture, artistic creativity, education and youth, as well as major humanitarian causes. Lavunett pursues an innovative corporate philanthropy policy designed to benefit the largest possible number of people. The different aspects of this policy reflect and promote the cultural values that unify Lavunett and underpin its success. Lavunett respects the cultures of the countries where it conducts business and is committed to promoting the best of local cultures and creativity. Lavunett’s social solidarity policy reflects its attachment to historic and artistic heritage.

Lavunett respects and promotes the fundamental rights at work: 

  • elimination of discrimination with respect to employment and occupation; 

  • elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor; 

  • effective abolition of child labor; 

  • freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;

  • Respectful and safeguarded employment relationships;

  • Living wages;

  • Legal overtime compensation;

  • Reasonable working hours;

  • A safe and healthy working environment;

  • Environmental policy and transparency up to our standards.

Lavunett encourages a diversity of profiles and backgrounds.


Promoting a work environment that respects individuals 

Diversity inspires creativity and is an essential value for Lavunett. The diversity of Lavunett reflects a strong commitment to nurturing a culture of inclusion that respects the individuality of each employee or job candidate. Lavunett prohibits all forms of discrimination in recruitment, compensation, working time, breaks or paid vacation, maternity rights, job security, assignment of positions, appraisal, training, career development, job security and workplace health and safety. Lavunett opposes all forms of physical, sexual, verbal or psychological violence and harassment. Gender diversity is an integral part of the Lavunett culture. Lavunett makes equal opportunity for women and men a cornerstone of its human resources policy within the framework of an inclusive culture, and places special emphasis on developing the careers of women. Lavunett ensures equitable treatment of both women and men, including on work compensation and benefits. 

Lavunett internal regulations detail workplace health and safety rules. They are communicated to employees. Lavunett takes measures to ensure a healthy balance between professional and private life for its employees. Lavunett respects the right of its employees to be involved in political activities and/or associations in a private capacity. Employees must ensure that these private activities do not involve or jeopardize the fulfillment of their responsibilities or damage the reputation of their employer. Lavunett is committed to respecting applicable regulations in its host countries when it gathers, processes or transfers the personal data of employees or job candidates. 


Offering a stimulating and motivating work environment for employees 

Lavunett seeks to attract, recruit and develop the most talented people and offers a fulfilling work environment that encourages relationships between colleagues based on trust.

Lavunett actively develops the skills of its employees through an extensive range of training programs and by promoting internal mobility, both geographic and functional. Lavunett is strongly committed to the transmission of skills and the cultural heritage represented by artisanal and creative professions. Lavunett encourages its employees to continually focus on quality in the execution of their work. Managers place priority on leading by example and ensuring an effective balance between initiative and limits dictated by the professional skills and responsibilities of the people who report to them. Employees are expected to cooperate with colleagues and ensure impartiality and mutual respect in their interpersonal relations. Employees may not make discriminatory, defamatory or harassing remarks when discussing their colleagues, managers or employer. In particular, this includes communication on social networks. 


Commitment to protect the environment

Protecting the environment is both an imperative and a source of progress. In all countries where it has a presence, Lavunett strictly complies with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards. Lavunett strives to exceed legal and regulatory norms as an exemplary corporate citizen to address environmental issues that concern everyone. Through employees and partners, Lavunett actively contributes to defining and implementing more virtuous practices in all of its business sectors, in particular through a precautionary approach.


Preserving natural resources and integrating the environmental dimension into products 

The long-term success of Lavunett and their products depends directly on protecting and respecting natural resources. Products created by Lavunett are made from natural and often rare and exceptional materials. The design and manufacture of luxury products require not only innovation, creativity and excellence in execution, but also environmental performance. Lavunett has since its founding perpetuated values rooted in the unique heritage of its brand, continually anticipating and adapting production processes and behaviors to better address the many environmental challenges we face.


Sustaining product quality and safety

Lavunett is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its clients by applying the precautionary principle in the design and production of its products. Lavunett continually strives to offer clients the highest possible product quality thanks to research and innovation, exacting standards in selecting materials, and in the use of expert skills in its different sectors. The Company takes special care in the production and sourcing of these high-quality materials to seek to assure the sustainability of its resources, as well as respect for the principles promoted by Lavunett in this Code of Conduct.


Respecting privacy 

Understanding customer needs and expectations is essential in order to provide them with the products they seek and deliver a personalized customer experience. Lavunett takes measures to act with complete transparency in compliance with applicable regulations concerning protection of clients’ personal information. In particular, Lavunett provides their customers with clear information concerning the personal information they provide, and take measures to protect the confidentiality of this information. Lavunett do not sell clients’ personal information and do not send commercial messages to customers without their prior consent.


Responsible communication 

Lavunett provides its customers with clear and accurate information concerning production methods, as well as the impact and correct usage of its products. Lavunett strives to refrain from making misleading statements or claims concerning its products and how they are produced. Lavunett recognizes the social impact of its products and their image and is therefore committed to the highest levels of vigilance regarding its marketing and advertising information, by promoting responsible practices.

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